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4 3 Ways To Increase Conversion If Your Prices Are Not The Cheapest On The Market

Shocked Woman On ComputerHave you got the lowest prices in your market? The chances are you haven’t. There can be only one as our Highlander friend Connor MacLeod used to say.

So what do you do if you aren’t the cheapest? How do you justify to your website’s visitors that you cost a little bit more than Amazon (or significant other)?

In this post I’ll give you 3 techniques we’ve used successfully to increase conversion (more than doubling rates in some cases) by countering the pesky objection that your prospects think you’re too expensive. Continue reading

7 7 Steps To Get Actionable Insights From Website Visitors Using Qualaroo and Wizardry

Listen To Customer Feedback

Do you want to get deep inside the heads of your website’s┬ávisitors? What do they think about you? What objections do they have when they are on your website?

Are you asking them to take action at the right time? Or even the right action in the first place?

You should know the answers to these questions and when I say ‘know’ I mean know, not guess.

Guessing is easier but far less effective. This is hardcore intelligence that is dynamite waiting to be ignited under the bonnet of your conversion rate. Continue reading

3 7 Killer Survey Questions To Send To Your Customers To Kickstart Your Next Conversion Rate Program

Give Me Some Advice

The conversion rate optimization niche on the web is full to bursting with advice on what you should change on your website to increase your conversion rate.

Whilst it can help spark ideas when you see what worked for other websites you shouldn’t listen too hard.

Every second you spend reading about someone else is time you’re not spending improving your own site.

All websites are inherently different. They have different reasons for being, with different customer groups, in different markets, styled in infinitely different ways and their objectives are nearly always completely different.

And you certainly shouldn’t blindly copy.

A cursory glance of a listen should be just enough.

Continue reading

5 Tools: What It Really Means When Your Website Visitors Don’t Buy From You (and How To Fix It)

Hello and welcome! My name is Nick Martin and in this episode of Conversion Team I’m going to show you a tool that makes it blindingly obvious whether your website or product is hitting the spot in your customer’s eyes.

It will also show you whether what you’re doing to your site is actually improving the user experience over time and it will also have a strange magical effect on your colleagues & draw them towards you.

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