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5 Tools: What It Really Means When Your Website Visitors Don’t Buy From You (and How To Fix It)

Hello and welcome! My name is Nick Martin and in this episode of Conversion Team I’m going to show you a tool that makes it blindingly obvious whether your website or product is hitting the spot in your customer’s eyes.

It will also show you whether what you’re doing to your site is actually improving the user experience over time and it will also have a strange magical effect on your colleagues & draw them towards you.

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How To Create A Super Guarantee That Boosts Sales and Profit

In this episode of Conversion Team we’re going to talk about lose-win guarantees or Super Guarantees as I like to call them. I’m going to describe what they are and do. I’m going to show you a few examples of sites that are using them. And then I’m going to show you a process that you can use to test whether your guarantee is effective or not without loading a tonne of risk onto your balance sheet.

That’s what you’ve got to look forward to in this episode of Conversion Team.

What are they and why are they necessary?

Super Guarantees are a guarantee where you offer to give back more than what someone pays for your product or service. They provide a safety net for those potential customers who are on the edge of making a purchase but are not 100% sure yet. They alleviate ‘buyers remorse’ because when they’re strong enough YOU are taking ALL the risk of their purchase away from them.

They’re also extremely effective at increasing sales and profits on an incredible scale.

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