Is Qualaroo using a humble question mark in their own conversion rate optimization?

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This is one of those riskier conversion rate optimization posts that there might be a simple explanation for.

Either that or I’ve stumbled across a brilliantly clever CRO tactic. We’re about to find out.

If you don’t know Qualaroo then you’re missing out.

The marketing tool formerly known as KISSinsights is a brilliant little rentable piece of functionality that helps website owners do all sorts of clever things with their site visitors.

It’s essentially a pop-up tool done well.

It doesn’t piss your visitors off (unless, like me, you configure it wrongly the first time around) and it allows you to survey them at key moments, or push promotions to them, or nudge them in a certain direction.

It’s great and has found an excellent new home so its future is assured.

When it comes to conversion rate optimization I nearly always use it with my clients because the results are so good.

When users are experiencing difficulties with my client’s site and they see this pop-up that’s asking whether something could be done better, they let me know.

It doesn’t ask for their email address, telephone number, sexual preference and dogs name. It just asks the one simple question I want answered.

Of course, because it’s so anonymous, then you get all sorts of amusing people writing random stuff in but a side of me quite likes that too.

The other day I got an email from a client I’m using Qualaroo with. It said …

Powered by Qualaroo [?]

Why the question mark? It looks strange.

At first I didn’t fully clock the question. Then I had a look at his site and saw what he meant.

Qualaroo Screenshot

My reply to him was …

I see what you mean. That’s because we’re using the free version. We can remove the Qualaroo branding for $49 a month.

His response …

Let’s do that. I don’t want my customers to see that.

So I upgraded and the branding was gone.


Wait a second.

Did what I think just happened, just happen?

We’re now a conversion for Qualaroo.

I went back to the client to ask him if the extra punctuation hadn’t been there would he have cared enough to write to me. The answer was no. The ‘[?]’ WAS the problem.

So I did some digging and back in the KISSinsights days there wasn’t a question mark.

KISSinsights No Questionmark

It’s new. And very subtle. And if it’s because of conversion it’s damned damned clever.

Sean Ellis, the newish owner of Qualaroo, is a marketing legend so I’d be surprised if this wasn’t a deliberate tactic to get business owners to upgrade.

If this is a tactic then I love it for a few reasons.

  1. It’s beautifully targeted – only the owners of the business are detail oriented enough to see it and it just so happens they’re the ones that control the purse strongs so can give the upgrade a green light
  2. It’s so damned subtle – it’s just punctuation and it even makes sense for Qualaroo to put it there so it’s not annoying for the sake of it
  3. I didn’t spot it

So I’m hoping this was AB tested against a version without the question mark and it won.

If it was I’d love to know the results. Please tell us Sean. Pretty please.

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